Sport, social networks and exhibitionism.

I have always understood the satisfaction and enjoyment for the sport goals achieved as belonging, basically, to the private sphere.

The continuous exhibition of the everyday situations in the social networks makes me feel irritated. I specifically refer to those cases in which the athlete tries to enlarge his own image so inopportune, exaggerated and repeated until get tired, showing all kind of achievements experimented every moment of the day. Such demonstration of physical excellence, sympathy, modernity, good vibes, impeccable behavior, camaraderie, etc, I find it quite obscene. 

I find it absurd and immature the need of these narcissistic athletes, who have already widely passed the stupid stage that pushes us all, helplessly, adolescence, to show us at any moment of the day their successes. Pictures and more pictures. Dull and endlessly repeated messages. They show us their balanced meals that follow the most exigent nutritional guidelines (clarifying that are respected each meal). Thumb up and big «Colgate smile» while I’m going to train. The picture with my training mates, ready for the hardest training session of the year. Which, after so many messages in the same direction, it follows that, is repeated every day. Fantastic, «mega-complex» and exhausting training sessions in the most adverse scenarios, in extreme conditions, show the heroism of the protagonist. Exaggeration has no limits when it is time to inform about the training hours, lifted kilograms, completed kilometers, repetitions and series achieved, and the most extraordinary feats occurred  training and competing. Pictures and more pictures. Disproportionate, ridiculous and absurd, most of the messages. I repeat that I consider them obscene, as they offend the modesty. The constant need to inform (to whom, and for what?) is always more important than any task to be carried out at that time.


I have always admired the discreet, selfless and humble champion. After all, when is time to compete other qualities  will determine the result and not the amount of «likes» in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I don´t understand the relation between  this unhealthy need to inform  at all times, to everybody, about what you do with your life, and the ability to become stronger mentally or physically to compete.

Sport has always been a catalyst of the biggest egos. The spread that allows social networks, has multiplied exponentially  the ego of so many immature and lazy athletes with unimaginable desire of recognition. The great contradiction, hardly understandable for these compulsive reporters of their privacy, is that they are alone.

I think I’m getting old.

Carlos-M. Prendes 

Acerca de cime1234

Sprint Head Coach Belgium Flatwater Canoeing National Team Presidente del Club Piraguas Los Gorilas de Candás
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2 respuestas a Sport, social networks and exhibitionism.

  1. Jesus Alvarez dijo:

    Amigo Carlos, no es que te estés haciendo viejo, lo que pasa es que con la edad no pasamos ni una y en el deporte como en todo en la vida siempre habrá Fantasmas con redes sociales y sin ellas.
    Un abrazo y sigue con tu Pica en Flandes…..

    Me gusta

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