I want to feel close the Cantábrico sea!

In recent years, as homecoming, after training camps with my team, I feel the need to approach to the sea. I need to see it, hear it and smell it. Is the Mar Cantábrico coast, with its characteristic landscapes, green and steep. As soon as my loved ones have some time, we walk for a long time by the sea, by nearshore roads. It is an impulse that leads me to do so. It is not planned in advance. The return to origins?  I have been three quarters of my life turning to and fro, and maybe the «biological clock» is causing these uncontrollable urges to feel intensely the landscapes where I grew up. Now, more than ever, I appreciate its beauty. It produce an enormous serenity and helps me to reflect about the meaning of life.

Emilio Gil´s video (emiliogil.net)  will help you to understand better my reflection.

Carlos-M. Prendes Gª-Barrosa

(Perlora; Saturday, november the 1st, 2014)

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